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Glenanne Park

6.45pm - 7.45pm: 5th Class and below

8pm - 9pm: 6th Class and above

Club Childrens Officer: 

Designated Liaison Person: Albert O'Donoghue

*contact details on clubzap 'club contacts'

Glenanne have a large, active and fun junior section with boys and girls teams ranging from 6-16 years of age. All sections are played with mixed ability and Glenanne promotes inclusion and enjoyment in all sessions. Our aim is to actively support youth health and wellbeing though sports development….and fun!

We boast a strong coaching ethos supported by a dedicated and co-ordinated team. We compete annually in various fun tournaments as well as some teams competing in Leinster League and Cup competitions.

We use Clubzap for team communication. Once you have joined a team, you will then be added to a team chat and invited to training/matches. You can download the app here.

For more information about joining Glenanne HC, email 

The following are the guiding principles behind coaching at our junior level:

Fun & Safety: The top priority is that each child has fun in a safe environment, while developing their hockey skills to their maximum potential. We hope that each child will develop a real passion for hockey, which will make them want to improve and progress. Our aim is to keep children playing hockey for many years.

Small Groups: We have a high coach/player ratio in each age group. This ensures that during each coaching session players are split into small groups to work on specific skills, allowing for each player to have as much on the ball practice time as possible.

Small games: The club follows the IHA player development model Hooked for Life. This is a well researched programme that maximises the development of each player. It is designed to ensure players play in a fun and stimulating environment which systematically introduces the physical, technical and tactical components.

- U8s play small 4 aside games on 1/8 of a pitch, which encourages each player to be fully involved on the ball and therefore constantly practising and improving.

- Players then progress through 6-aside games on 1/4 pitch (U10),

- 8 aside on 1/2 pitch (U12) leading naturally on to...

- full 11 aside hockey by the time they get to U14s (2nd year).

Skills progression: In conjunction with the Hooked for Life model, the junior section has introduced a development plan of what skills each child should be learning at each age group so that there is a co-ordinated approach to coaching. This means that by the time they are U16 they have a full range of hockey skills.

Once the boys and girls turn 15 they may be invited to play matches for the senior section of the club. Each player is invited to join the senior club once they leave the junior section.

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